sine greier



consists of katrine

katrine is


...educated within fashion and photography

...quite lucky - which can come in handy

...a conseptualist

...an optimist 

...a pastors daughter - which means I swear entirely too much


participated in

Altså Pop-Up exhibition - 2020

Group exhibition at Blå, Oslo

Please try again later project - 2020

Photographic collaboration, Oslo


Mel's Radiostation - 2020

Aftertalk about the documentary "Woman"


Altså Magazine # 04 - 2020

"En monogam dater en polyamorøs" Text + Photography

Lumina Mentorprogram in Visual Storytelling - 2018

Freaks & geeks - 2017

Creative collaboration project for visual storytelling, Oslo

Group exhibition Prøverommet - 2016

"Prøverommet på Lindmark", Prøverommet, Bergen

Kiler i magen - 2014

Creative collaboration project for visual storytelling, Oslo




+47 40200872

worked with

Altså Magazine

Linda Bournane Engelberth

by Ti Mo

Katrin Uri


Maggie Wonka

Soya au lait

Vera Grønneberg


SPIRE fotostudio

Kolonihaven fotografbyrå

World alliance of YMCA

Lille Arkana

..amongst others